More fun than a back alley chainfight.

You can tell you're about to be in for some serious shit.

You can tell you’re about to be in for some serious shit.

I remember two things about Full Throttle from when I was 9 years old.

  1. This was the most bad ass character in any computer game.
  2. I could never get past the first section and just gave up.

This point and click adventure tells the story of Ben, the bad ass leader of a bad ass motorcycle gang called the Polecats who is framed for murder and must fight to clear his name and triumph against the forces that want to kill motorcycles for good. Full Throttle features traditional Lucas Arts point and click action, as well as motorcycle combat sections that require the player to use chains, a mace, boards, and even a chainsaw to take out rival gang members. It’s a little violent for a Lucas Arts title, but there isn’t much blood or gore. It was released in 1995 by the same designers behind Grim Fandango, Psychonauts an Brutal Legend. If your a fan of either, (why wouldn’t you be?) you’ll be right at home with Full Throttle.

In a way, Brutal Legend feels like a spiritual successor

In a way, Brutal Legend feels like a spiritual successor

Yours truly had an issue back in the day getting past the combat sections. There may have also been an issue with me being too dumb to work out the controls. I know right? It’s a point and click- there is literally one control you use. Well, smart ass (Tim Jordan from 4th grade), unlike the typical SCUMMδ powered Lucas Arts titles, there was no action console. Rather than Use/Talk/Walk buttons, action and inventory was through a mouse hold/click- and, really, I had better things to do with my time instead of reading the manual; like collecting POGS and trying to create a new cologne fragrance. Some say that a cloud of Brut mixed with Stetson and Rite Aid’s exquisite replication of Polo still hangs over southern Maryland to this day. Ladies, if you live in Prince George’s county and catch yourself aroused on a windy day, you’re welcome.


For me, Full Throttle has a lot going for it. The cinematics were pretty awesome for 1995, and the story is a great blend of murder, mystery, and mayhem. However, the story is relatively short, and is over just as it gets going. If you want to play it, you’re going to want to use the ScummVM emulator which can be found by googling it your damn self, because Polecats don’t have time to hold your hand and install it for you.


This game really spoke to me as a kid, even though I only played it for a short time. Motorcycles are firmly entrenched in my family’s DNA. There’s a fine tradition of making our wives angry by bringing home a motorcycle unannounced, hopping off, and proudly exclaiming “Look what followed me home!”. Without analyzing it too much, Full Throttle’s story is about standing up for the things you enjoy. It’s great finally getting a chance to play this game, and scratch a 19 year old itch.

Make sure you stretch to avoid pulling a hamstring.

Make sure you stretch to avoid pulling a hamstring.


δ SCUMM is the programming language/game engine that the Lucas Arts point and click titles run on. It stands for Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion

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