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I want to love you.

Game: Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb

Released: 2003

Publisher: Lucas Arts

Platform: PC / XBOX / PS2

Available Here:

I love Indiana Jones games. Love them. I have such fond memories of playing Fate of Atlantis with my old man way past my bed time on Saturday nights. I played The Infernal Machine every time I went to stay with my grandmother. So, imagine how fast I hammered the download button on GOG when I saw that Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb popped up on sale.

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I haven’t been able to fit into a hole that size since I was 4 years old.



Game: The Dig

Released: November 1995

Publisher: Lucas Arts

I went into The Dig only knowing a small portion of the story. ¬†What I expected was a point and click adventure about 3 astronauts saving the world from an asteroid. Let’s be honest here- I was really looking forward to making a lot of Armageddon jokes and doing my best to explain why Deep Impact is the better movie. Hint: It’s because the Earth gets its ass handed to it.

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You were always on my mind…

It happens like that sometimes you know? Real life getting in the way of your retro game hobby… Ssshhh… It’s okay baby, I’m here now and that’s all that matters.

This weekend I’m going to be playing and talking about “The Dig”. This is a classic Lucas Arts point and click adventure co-produced by Steven Spielberg. An asteroid is heading towards earth, and only you and your team of astronauts can save humanity. Can you beat the clock? What mysteries await you in the unforgiving vacuum of space? Wouldn’t it have been easier to train astronauts to drill instead of training drillers to be astronauts? Which one is Deep Impact again?

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